We Serve

Following persons with disabilities

  Persons with Paraplegia

»  Intellectual Disability
»  Persons with Hearing impairment
»  Visually Challenged


»  Identification
»  Assessment
»  Awareness
»  Motivation
»  Equal opportunities
»  Personality training
»  Education
»  Values
»  Skill Transformation
»  Guidance and counseling
»  Rehabilitation as a good citizen

   » Consider the different abilities rather than disabilities of the persons with disabilities
   »Promote equal opportunities and inclusion for the disabled in all walks of life.


Establishment and run excellent centers, projects and programs for better education, skill promotion and rehabilitation in the main stream of differently abled by incorporating advanced science and technology with high consideration of their self actualization.

Services of the Foundation will be for the following categories of the persons with disabilities.

  • Hearing impaired
  • Visually impaired
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Cerebral Palsied
  • Autistic
  • Learning Disabled
  • Multiple Handicapped
  • Locomotor Disabled Especially Paraplegia

Present scenario
Conditions of the disabled in Kerala are very pathetic. Though disabled persons consist of a major portion of the society, they are uncared properly. They are really marginalized.

There is a dearth of educational institutions which care total rehabilitation of the disabled children. The present educational system does not enable them to mould their inherent vocational skills to ensure a better career in their life as in the case of their normal counterparts. Even after plus two the hearing impaired are found very poor in communicative skills especially in reading and writing . Consequent to this hazard in communication deficiency, they are isolated from the society in all walks of life especially in public appointments. Facilities for their higher education are not developed. The often asked question” after plus two what?” is still remain unanswered.

There is no adequate vocational training center for them in Kerala.
Disabled persons are facing great hardship to secure a job.
Even though there are identified posts for appointing the disabled most of the employers are seen reluctant to provide employment to them.
Due to lack of knowledge in using sign language parents are not in a position to impart necessary value education to them.
Due to lack of employment most of the disabled persons are loitering in the street. Few become culprits in the hands of anti-social elements and become indulged in all kinds of social evils. In addition they are brought up by their parents without   providing required value based education.
Due to lack of knowledge in using sign language parents are not in a position to impart necessary moral education to them.