Following are the present activities of the foundation:

   » Public awareness programs
      To make public aware of the innate capacities and capabilities of the disabled persons
   » Guidance and counseling program
   » Personality Development
   » Communicative skill development programs
   » Vocational training
   » Career counseling and coaching classes
   » Placement and follow up services
   » Formation of self help groups
   » Family counseling
   » Placement and follow up services
   » Publication of audio cassette magazine
   » Talking book library
   » Braille transcription Centre.
   » Mobility Training
   » Computer training for the hearing impaired, visually impaired and Paraplegia
   » Under graduate courses for hearing impaired
   » Rehabilitation and empowerment program for Visually impaired women
   » Under graduate courses for hearing impaired
   » Literacy programs including Braille literacy
   » Sign Language training

Ability Institute for the Hearing impaired:

    Vocational training Courses:

  1. Desk Top Publishing leading to Advanced DTP
  2. Fashion designing and dress making
  3. Aluminium and fibre fabrication work
  4. Diploma in computer application

    II  Under Graduate Programs:

  1. B.Com
  2. Bachelor of Computer Application

    III Finishing School:
    The first of this kind in the disabled sector

  1. Main aim of the course is to make them well versed in comprehensive reading and writing of Malayalam and English.
  2. Enabling the hearing impaired to attend the PSC tests and interviews with self confidence.
  3. Enabling them to undertake government and public jobs.

Short stay home cum Rehabilitation Center for the visually impaired women:

  1. Home Management Course
  2. Computer courses
  3. vocational trainng

Bairuha Guidance Centre:

  1. Publication of audio magazine ‘Divya Deepthi’
  2. Personality and awareness camp
  3. Career counseling
  4. Placement and follow up services
  5. Marriage counseling(Pre marital and post marital)
  6. Family counseling and conciliation

Ability Special School for Differently abled:
Offering special education for the following:

  1. Mental retardation
  2. Cerebral palsied
  3. Autism
  4. Multiple disabled
  5. Down syndrome
  6. Developmental disorders
  7. Learning disabled

Career Guidance and Promotion Centre:

  1. PSC coaching.
  2. Computer training for the school going visually impaired  students.
  3. Computer  training to the visually impaired teachers.
  4. Daisy format and audio editing course for College going visually impaired students.
  5. Computer training for the paraplegia persons.
  6. Umbrella assembling and paper carry bag manufacturing for the visually impaired and multiple handicapped.