Proposed Arts and Science College for Ability Centre, Pulikkal


To achieve our aim to raise the strata of the disabled par with that of their able bodied brothers and sisters we have to walk miles long our future projects are as follows:

The project consists of the following categories of disabled:

  • Hearing impaired.
  • Visually impaired.
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Cerebral palsied
  • Autistics
  • Learning disabled
  • Down syndrome
  • Loco motor disabled
  1. Construction work of the Ability Institute for the Visually impaired:

    Construction of the  new building for the Institute of Hearing impaired is in progress.
    Completed the ground floor work  and now is in use. work of the First and second floor is to be constructed soon.

  2. Early intervention and therapy unit:

    • One Audio logy and Speech therapy unit.
    • Preparatory School.

  3. Vocational Training Center:
        • I.T. centre  to provide vocational training in Computer Hardware and Networking, DTP and Graphic Arts, AutoCAD, three D max etc.
        • Special industrial skill developing centre.
        • Aluminium,  Fibre and Steel Fabrication Unit.
        • Fashion designing and dress making Unit.

      1. Finishing School:

        To enhance communicative skills and other working capacities so as to make them suitable for various  open employments.

      2. Arts and Science College:

        To provide under graduate degrees in Commerce, Computer Science, Front office management, etc. Since there is no such college in Kerala it will be the pioneer one.     


      1. Mentally Challenged Person:
        1. Special School for the following categories:
          1. Mental retardation
          2. Cerebral palsied
          3. Autistic
          4. Learning disabled
          5. Down syndrome
          6. Multiple disabled
          7. Vocational training center for adult
          8. Hostel for boys and girls
        2. Physio therapy clinic especially for cerebral palsied and loco motor disabled


      1. Rehabilitation centre for visually Challenged women
      2. Training cum production centre.
      3. Braille transcription Centre
      4. Audio cassette studio and library.
      5. Publication of audio magazine
      6. short stay home and rehabilitation centre for visually impaired women
      7. Computer training Centre for the Visually impaired
      8. Vocational training cum production centre
      9. alue instructors training centre.10,Distant and E learning study centre
      10. Distant and E learning study centre


      1. Physiotherapy unit
      2. Vocational training center.
      3. Computer Training Courses
      4. Saksharatha work to promote literacy


      1. Hostel: Hostel for each section of disabled separately for boys and girls.
      2. Smart Auditorium: To conduct various courses counseling sessions etc.
      3. Guidance and Counseling Center: To provide counseling in education. Career etc.
      4. Marriage and family counseling unit
      5. Employment and placement bureau
        1. Identification of suitable job
        2. Data bank of the  unemployed.
        3. Pre -employment training
        4. Recruitment assistance and placement in India  and abroad..
        5. Follow up services.
        6. Formation of self help micro units

        F) Research Center to develop electronic and sign language learning tools

        Kitchen and Dining Hall Project
        Drinking Water Project
        Human Resourse Development
        College of Physiotherapy and Speech and Hearing
        Training Centre For Teachers of the Mentally Retarded Autism Learning Disabled
        Income Generating Project to Run The Institution Hostel Etc.