In India. as per 2011 Census, the total population of India is 1.23 billion, in which about 2.1 per cent (over 21 million people) suffer from one or the other kind of disability.

With the vision of empowering the differently abled persons and enhancing their socioeconomic status, Ability Foundation for the Disabled was established in the year 2009. Ability Foundation provides therapeutic treatment, basic & continuing education program, Computer Training Program for visually impaired with the assistance of reading software, Skill development training program, Para Arts and Sports Training, Home Management training, vocational training programs, Language Development Training Programs etc. for the differently abled persons.

Ability Foundation is sanctioned to undertake CSR fund vide order No. CSR 00009436 of Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India.

By associating with our organization for the CSR Activities, the corporate companies can support our projects and programs for the all-round development of differently abled persons and ensure their continuous operation of their CSR fund by fulfilling their social responsibility. The foundation is awaiting CSR support from the corporate companies to identify the differently abled persons from their state of lonely sidelined life to the independent and self-esteemed place in the mainstream with full inclusion and active participation.

Therapeutic Treatment and Rehabilitation
Construction of the hostel for differently abled Men
Accessible transportation facility for the Differently abled men
Food for the Inmates
Computer Training programs with reading software also
Language Development Program for the Cochlear Implanted Children
Vocational Training Coursess
PSC Coaching and training for other Competitive examination
Ability Para Arts & Sports Academy

Working Together for a Social Cause as a Social Responsibility